Best Weight Loss Program To Get You The Results You Want

the best weight loss program

The Best Weight Loss Program to Get You Fast Results

Alane Stieglitz-Wincek
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May 23, 2023 

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Ladies, I do not struggle to get the weight off anyone. Metabolic Mastery is the best weight loss program that works, and I will show you why.

Do I understand your frustration with losing weight and wanting to feel and look more confident, lean, and healthy? Absolutely! I gained 30 pounds when menopause hit and was not happy. I created this program because of the understanding and appreciation that women have unique metabolisms, hormones, weight loss needs, fat-burning capabilities, and personalized needs. You are not a cookie, so a cookie-cutter program or supplement will not work.

Sure other programs out there work for some women, but they are missing one vital ingredient, which I made sure to include personalized metabolic labs, so you know for sure what your metabolism needs and what it does not need. Sounds good?

Why did I create the best weight loss program ever? Because hundreds of local clients had weight loss success, one of them said, "I love hearing you talk about food, the metabolism, hormones Alane but I wish I could listen to you at 11 pm when the kiddos are in bed. I said um, I am asleep at 11 pm. She said, no, Alane, get creative, girl, come up with something other women like me can benefit from that don't live here in Atlanta, Ga, and need to have excellent results as I did.

So, I sat back and thought about videotaping myself, discussing each subject I spoke about during the appointments. Plus, I figured out a way for you to order the same labs, and I can explain the results. But instead of having to drive to my office, you can save time. I am online; you can order the labs and videos and immediately jump on your weight loss success. And if you have a question, email me, and I will email you back, usually the same day.

The best weight loss program is where one person is the guide, that is me, and the other person needs to have a transformation or a change to have a healthier and happier life; that is you. But we need an authentic and accurate plan for you to have the success you want; I have that plan. It is called Metabolic Mastery.

Maybe you are saying that you had labs done already, but I will tell you that will all respect, not like these. These are the most thorough metabolic labs you have ever seen. I have the same conversation with other clients each day, and a few weeks later, when the labs are in, they always say, wow, I had no idea all these facts about my metabolism. I am so glad I had them done.

The labs cover: complete thyroid, things that prevent fat burning, inflammation, detox capability, fat burning vitamin deficiencies, is fat ok to eat or not, is gluten ok to eat or no, do I need to be vegan or nope I need a high protein diet, am I eating enough protein and greens or no. Plus, I run hormone and cortisol testing in the saliva, not the blood, because saliva tells you the free or bioavailability of hormones in your body. If hormones are not ok, the belly fat builder called cortisol will go sky high.

I will tell you a true story. When I was 35 and gave birth to my 2nd child, I was over 185 pounds and struggling to lose weight. I kept saying something had changed during the pregnancy, I could not eat as I used to without gaining weight, and I was so tired all the time. I was told to reduce my calories and hit the gym more. How could I? I had a newborn and a 4-year-old, was exhausted, and only eating 900 calories at the time; how could I reduce my calories without passing out? I had two kids to take care of and myself.

Labs - I was told they were normal - I did not believe it. So I started taking more classes, this time on metabolism, the adrenals, cortisol, thyroid levels, the liver, and more. Wow, I was blown away one day in thyroid class. I learned what functional thyroid levels were versus traditional levels. This helped me realize my thyroid was slow and needed help. Plus, I discovered I had Hashimoto's, which is an autoimmune disease against the thyroid, a double whammy. I did just what the teacher said, I supported my thyroid, changed my diet, and I was able to lose weight fast. WHY? Because I finally understood my metabolism and what it needed. Comprehensive metabolic labs showed me what to do.

And with all the test results, you get a bonus from me. A personalized protocol so you can stop spinning your wheels guessing about what your body needs for weight loss success.

So, you can stop looking for the best weight loss program; you found it. I have tremendous success - because it is personalized based on your labs. Labs don't lie; they tell you precisely what your body needs.


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