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3 Simple Tips to Lose Weight Without Exercise

Alane Wincek, ND, CNC
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May 24, 2023

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Hi, I am Alane, a holistic nutritionist with 30+ years of experience in holistic health, metabolism, wellness, and weight loss. I wrote this blog to provide tips on how to lose weight without exercise because I understand that not everyone can exercise due to illness, pain, or time. Plus, people should be able to drop inches without hitting the gym. 

Lose Weight Without Exercise 


Are you looking to shed some pounds without hitting the gym? It's possible to lose weight without exercise by making smart choices and adopting healthy habits. You can enjoy a successful weight loss journey by focusing on a healthy, nutritious diet, portion control, mindful eating, managing stress, getting quality sleep, and incorporating small lifestyle changes. And you can do this without breaking a sweat. Let's explore effective and proven strategies to help you achieve your goals and feel and look great.

Let's start with a quick list of 10 tips to help you get started, and then we will move on to more specific and detailed strategies.

  • Start Your Meals With Protein
  • Watch Your Portion Sizes
  • Stay Hydrated With Good Quality Water
  • Avoid Sweets and Unhealthy Foods
  • If You Drink Coffee, Drink it Black
  • Drink Water Only With Meals
  • Get Plenty of Sleep
  • Remember to Eat Your Vegetables
  • Reduce Alcohol Intake

The first helpful tip I teach my clients to lose weight without exercise is stopping insulin spikes. Picture this - you are having a good day, feeling and looking thin and healthy. Then you eat a big white delicious potato. Your blood sugar will jump up very high; then, your body will create insulin to help the sugar from the potato get used for energy. But if your cells already have a lot of insulin, they cannot take it anymore. Instead of the potato turning into energy, it gets stored as fat which causes weight gain. 

Think of other ways you may be spiking insulin, causing you to gain weight instead of losing weight. And yes, when insulin gets spiked, you will store more fat. Not fair, I say. 

The insulin blood test issue: In bloodwork, the functional medicine range for insulin is 3-7 ish, but the medical range is under 20. So if you have a fasting insulin blood test done and the results are a 12, you may be told all is fine; when it is not, a 12 will mean you are spiking insulin and causing weight gain, but it is not a disease state yet. 

I meet many people who come in and say they need diet tips to lose weight without exercise and have high insulin levels. I adjust their diet, and the weight comes off, regardless of whether they exercise. Insulin spikes are easy to stop. You have to know what to do. 

My second effective tip to lose weight without exercise is to lower your inflammatory foods:  Lowering inflammatory-causing foods can help you lose weight and be more active. 

When I eliminated gluten and dairy in my diet, I could not believe how much easier it was for me to move without joint pain and inflammation, and I see that same effect in most of my clients. I like to live an active life; I want to play with the kids and grandkids, walk my dog, go hiking with my husband, and not ask him to go alone. I LIKE HOW I LOOK AND FEEL when I do not eat any inflammatory foods.

The typical inflammatory-causing foods are dairy, gluten, eggs, soy, and nightshades. However, even healthy food, like spinach, can be inflammatory to a person if your immune system creates antibodies towards it. If I eat a tomato or cherries in the morning, I look like I gained 5 pounds. So I don't. I have IGG and IGA antibodies towards those foods. (I will explain more about food reactions and losing weight on the program page)

The word "protein" is the third of my most effective diet tips to lose weight without exercise. Every person needs a different amount of daily protein intake. Protein helps you build muscle, reduces appetite, boosts metabolism for fat burning, and helps you lose belly fat. 

I eat around 100 grams of lean and organic protein a day. But before you do that, think about getting comprehensive labs done, which I do for people, to check your protein level, kidney function, complete thyroid, fat storage markers, inflammation levels, cardiac markers, and more. I had no idea how much better I would look and feel just by upping my protein from 60 grams daily to 100 grams.

Focusing on protein makes you feel and look healthier and stronger than ever. 


Click on the link and learn about my life-changing metabolic mastery program. You do not have to exercise to lose weight fast. There are plenty of simple tips to help you reach your goals without the sweat. 

I used this same metabolic weight loss program when I hit menopause. I gained 30 pounds due to hormones, was unhappy, and wanted to lose it quickly. I lost 30 pounds in 12 weeks, have kept it off, and feel amazing. 

Metabolic mastery includes comprehensive bloodwork, saliva hormone, and cortisol testing to test your metabolic health properly. It also consists of a gluten intolerance test to make sure gluten is not stopping you from losing weight fast.


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