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July 17, 2023

Welcome to my metabolic test online blog where you can learn about your metabolism from home.

Welcome to the ultimate destination for all your metabolic testing needs! Looking for the best metabolic test online?

Look no more! We offer excellent services with years of experience in the field. Our online testing surpasses traditional options, ensuring a comprehensive and thorough assessment of your metabolic health.

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We understand that weight loss can be frustrating, but we're here to support you at every stage.

We understand the challenges you face. We customize our services to meet your specific metabolic needs. Our goal is to help you achieve lasting results and improve your metabolic health. Based on the test results, we personalize a free diet plan tailored to your type of metabolism.

Embrace a new chapter of wellness and embark on this journey with us to unleash your true metabolic potential.

Hello, I'm Alane Wincek, a certified nutritionist. I've been helping people for 30+ years with weight loss, hormones balance, metabolism, and blood sugar balance. I have a successful practice in Atlanta, Georgia. I made an metabolic test online program to help people no matter where they live.

Your Functional Thyroid Levels Matter 

metabolic test online

To boost your metabolic rate and lose weight, start by checking your thyroid. If your thyroid is not working right you will continue to gain weight. Optimal thyroid heath needs to include TSH, Free T3, Free T4 and thyroid antibodies. Most traditional labs only run TSH and maybe T4.

To increase metabolism, it is important to examine all parts of the thyroid. The focus should be on their function rather than the traditional indicators. If you are told that your thyroid is fine, it may seem normal, but it might not be functioning properly.

I went through this struggle with my metabolism too. The traditional metabolic test showed my thyroid was fine, and I was told to eat less and exercise more. After thorough metabolic testing, I discovered my slow thyroid was the reason for my weight gain. I shed 30 pounds in just 12 weeks and was extremely delighted.

If you are trying to find your metabolic type, I am going to ask you to start with comprehensive metabolic testing. Knowing your body type is fine, but getting a true understanding of your metabolism is crucial to your weight loss success.

"Understanding the Impact of Hormones and Cortisol on Weight: Exploring the Link"

metabolic test online

Are you experiencing chronic stress, insomnia, anxiety and fatigue? Are you having trouble losing weight?

By measuring cortisol and five other hormones through saliva over 24 hours you will get answers you need. Our saliva test gives a more complete measurement and deeper context for your hormone levels than standard serum and urine testing.

Are you aware of the connection between thyroid and cortisol? The level of cortisol at the cell level controls thyroid hormone production. Often, hypothyroid symptoms such as fatigue, weight gain, and low body temperature are due to an adrenal problem.

Why Saliva? Accuracy: research has demonstrated that the free hormone fraction predominates in saliva. Hormones exist in the blood bound to proteins. The free hormone fraction is very important, because it is the active fraction that most significantly influences living cells.

Estrogen and Weight Gain: Estradiol has effects on your liver which may reduce thyroid hormone. Estradiol also slows the process of liver detoxification of various harmful substances. Both of these issues can lead to weight gain.

Testing saliva hormone levels can also help identify exposure to hidden hormones and chemicals in the environment. High hormone levels in saliva can indicate excessive hormone use. They can also indicate the presence of hidden hormones in cosmetics and other skincare products. Additionally, high hormone levels in saliva may suggest exposure to endocrine disruptors in the environment.

All of the above situations can lead to trouble losing weight.

When hormones make more fat cells, your body doesn't use them well, causing cortisol to increase. High cortisol leads to weight gain.


Unveiling the Hidden Culprits: How Food Intolerances Can Hinder Weight Loss

metabolic test online

I really like parsnips, but I notice that they seem to cause an overnight weight gain. Although parsnips generally have a reputation for being healthy, why are they causing me to gain weight?

Spinach, apples, carrots, onions, and garlic can cause inflammation if you have a food intolerance called IgG.

These foods can cause digestive issues like stomachache, gas, or bloating if you have an IgA response.

That's why I've incorporated an IgG/IgA food intolerance test kit into my metabolic test near me program. This invaluable tool helps identify specific foods that may be hindering your weight loss progress.

Let's take the case of one of my clients, an almond enthusiast. She maintained a nutritious diet with lean proteins, leafy greens, and berries. She also had terrific metabolic lab results, except for the food intolerance section.

To her surprise, the culprit was almonds, which she consumed daily. Simply by eliminating almonds from her diet, she experienced rapid weight loss. The reason? Almonds were negatively affecting her metabolism and causing inflammation.

By identifying and eliminating trigger foods, you too can overcome these hidden obstacles and achieve your weight loss goals.

Gluten Needs to Be Part of Your  Metabolic Test Online Order. 

You may say you do not need a gluten test because wheat does not upset your stomach. Celiac is a medical condition where people who eat gluten get various GI symptoms pretty fast.

A gluten intolerance is different from Celiac. The symptoms can be gut-related but include pain, inflammation, brain fog, hair loss, skin rashes, and weight gain.

Traditional testing only tests for Celiac only looks at one gluten component called gliadin.

Comprehensive gluten testing for a true gluten intolerance will look at all the gluten components, and there are many. Plus, it will look at two immune pathways IgG and IgA, not just IgA, which indicates Celiac.

Only relying on a traditional Celiac test can cause many adverse symptoms, including autoimmunity.


Are Toxins Trapped in Your Fat Cells?

metabolic test online

Many chemicals in our environment affect weight gain. Chemicals from childhood, teenage years, and even a few months ago can affect you and your metabolic health now.

Certain items like cleaning products, pesticides, fertilizers, plastics, and car fumes can affect women's metabolism, causing weight gain.

When your body has toxins, it makes more fat to protect your organs from them. And this leads to the inability to lose weight.



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