Vitamins for Women Over 40: Only Take What Your Body Needs to Thrive!

Vitamins for women over 40

Vitamins for Women Over 40: Only Take What Your Body Needs to Thrive!

Alane Wincek, ND, CNC
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September 3, 2023

Welcome to my Comprehensive Guide on the Best Vitamins for Women Over 40. 

It is important to make smart choices regarding eating a balanced diet, taking essential nutrients and supporting your immune system. In a world full of easy solutions, making wise decisions on essential vitamins and minerals becomes crucial.

Before taking multivitamins for women over 40, or any vitamin tablets daily, it is vital to wait and get more information. With this sentence I mean, what does your body need for bone health, brain health, immune support? Are your red blood cells health or do you need more vitamin b12, folic acid, or vitamin b6? How are your vitamin d3 levels and do you need extra supplements for prevention of heart disease or high blood pressure?

Starting the journey of improved health and metabolic enhancement requires a thoughtful approach. This is where personalized health and metabolic testing comes into play.

Testing should be your first step when looking at vitamins for women over 40. Recognize that what proves effective for one individual might not yield the same results for another.

The world of vitamins for women over 40 offers a multitude of choices, each promising health benefits. The real results come from being precise - giving your body what it needs to burn fat, boost energy, and gain confidence.

At the forefront of customization lies an exciting opportunity. Imagine a personalized plan for your unique body. This plan will help you reach your health and weight loss goals. It takes into account your metabolism, health, hormones, and vitamin needs.

The essence lies in crafting a strategy that syncs with your body's signals, paving the way for profound and enduring change. Discover personalized vitamins for women over 40 and see how they can transform your path to wellness. Join me on this exploration.

And what about your personal diet plan? Metabolic testing can show you precisely what foods are best for you.

Do you need 120 grams of protein or 80 grams? Do you need a high fat or low fat diet? How does your metabolism respond to carbs?

Consuming the right amount of these substances can help your body burn more calories. It can also improve your overall health, hormones, and metabolism.

When I go to a vitamin store I am extremely overwhelmed by the choices of vitamins for women over 40. How do they know what my body needs to thrive?

When I started working in the field of holistic health, that was the #1 thing that frustrated me. Thinking of all the people buying vitamins that their body may not need. I had to find a way to fix this problem. And I did.

In my practice I only suggest vitamins for women over 40 that they actually need. No guessing games! I run comprehensive bloodwork, hormone saliva testing and food intolerance labs to provide them with the precise answers they need.

Are you ready to start a health and metabolism makeover? Personalized metabolic optimization can be the key to your success. Know your body's needs, choose the right supplements, make informed choices, and achieve your health and weight loss goals!

Seize this opportunity and let's embark on this empowering journey together!

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Vitamins for Women Over 40