Comprehensive Metabolic Testing & Personalized Protocols...So You Can Finally Lose Weight, Increase Your Longevity and Feel & Look Vibrant! 

Elevate Your Metabolic Health & Increase Your Longevity: Experience the Power of This Proven and Easy System.

Here are My Before and After Photos, Using This Exact Metabolic Testing System! 

My body type is endomorph. Most endomorphs have softer bodies and curves, a wide waist and hips. Their weight is often in their belly / hip / thigh area. We often have plenty of body fat and gain weight easily.

I dropped 30 pounds in only 12 weeks and have kept it off by improving my metabolic health, and you can do it too! 

Below Are Actual Clients Who Are Celebrating Their Success!

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metabolic health
metabolic health
metabolic health
metabolic testing

Are you ready to stop spinning your wheels trying to lose weight, and get your health back on track? Great! Get focused on what works?

You may have tried different diets that work for only a month, counseling that does not resonate, diet pills, exhausting exercise, starvation, disgusting detox drinks and you are ready for a plan that makes sense?

If Yes, Great .... Let's Go!

A "Personalized Metabolic Health Improving Plan" is the KEY or {missing link} to easy, effective, and permanent weight loss, longevity, and the healthier, beautiful body you have dreamed of having.


😧 A Slow Thyroid 

😧 Hormone Overload Which Gets Stuck in Fat Cells.

😧 Environmental Toxins in the Tissues.

😧 Eating Imbalanced Amounts of Protein, Carbohydrates, and Fat

😧 Insulin Spikes and Blood Sugar Imbalances

It is not your fault! Many frustrated people are told, "Your labs are normal, and your metabolic health is good." Deep down, you know something is wrong and need "comprehensive" metabolic testing. You are smart, my friend, and right!



This fantastic opportunity includes comprehensive metabolic testing, showing you precisely how to improve your metabolic health to lose inches fast while having more energy, confidence, and living a healthier and longer life.

metabolic testing

"Changed My Life!"

"I have lost over 70 pounds and almost reached my goal weight. Most of my medical problems are under control, and I was able to reduce the number of medications that I was taking. I highly recommend Alane Wincek and the Metabolic Mastery program to anyone with weight problems. My life is truly changed for the better."

Happy Client

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"Finally Have the Right Plan"

"I have been with Alane for a few months now. I started with just pure dissatisfaction with myself and my appearance. I was gaining weight and didn't know how to stop it or even control it. I ordered the Metabolic Mastery Program and soon realized that this should've been my initial choice since that would have saved me from the numerous fad diets, diet pills, etc." 

- Melissa

metabolic health


"Within a few months, I dropped all the weight I wanted, the puffiness disappeared, and my skin greatly improved. I went from wearing a size 12 to a size 6. My relationship and knowledge of food and nutrition have changed completely – all because of Alane and her metabolic program. I know that if I had not read this book and ordered the video series, I would be very sick by now. I am very thankful for her!" 

 - Michelle


😀You feel energized, confident, and happier with your body. People ask what you are doing because they notice a change. 

😀You are finally feeling the amazing health benefits you have always hoped for.

😀You are eating delicious food and getting healthier every day. 

😀You have unlocked the secret to your weight loss success and it was in YOU the whole time. 

😀 You finally feel like you have control over your metabolism and your health. You feel powerful, confident, beautiful and free. 

😀With your hormones in balance, your energy is flowing, allowing you to accomplish all you desire. 

😀You are busting through metabolic blocks and conquering every plateau.

😀 You are looking and feeling younger everyday. 


Hi, I am Alane Wincek... 

Your personal holistic nutritionist and metabolic specialist. I am a newlywed, and a busy, working menopausal mom that loves God, my family, life, skinny jeans, and yoga pants.

I used this strategic metabolic health plan to lose 30 pounds in 12 weeks and have kept it off! I can finally fit into the skinny jeans I had stuffed in a box! 

My body type is endomorph, but this plan can work for ANYONE! 

Alane Wincek | My Metabolic Awakening




*You are struggling with your weight and you are 100% ready to take action and get results.

*You are 100% ready to invest in your future

*You understand this is a life-changing opportunity.

*You are committed to ending your metabolic health struggle

*You want to figure out why you have not been able to lose weight.

*You are ready to start feeling and looking younger than ever!


*You are worried about your limitations.

*You are not ready to take action with a proven metabolic plan that works.

*You are not ready to invest in your health and future.

If this is you, no worries, come back to this page when the time is right. 


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If you are READY for action and know this opportunity is right for you...go ahead and Order Now. 

If you prefer to chat with Alane for a few minutes, email me, and we can set up a free 15 min chat.