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"I have been with Alane for a few months now. I started with just pure dissatisfaction with myself and my appearance. I was gaining weight and didn't know how to stop it or even control it. I ordered the Metabolic Mastery Book and video series and soon realized that this should've been my initial choice since that would have saved me from the numerous fad diets, diet pills, etc." 

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"Within a few months, I dropped all the weight I wanted, the puffiness disappeared, and my skin greatly improved. I went from wearing a size 12 to a size 6. My relationship and knowledge of food and nutrition have changed completely – all because of Alane and her metabolic program. I know that if I had not read this book and ordered the video series, I would be very sick by now. I am very thankful for her!" 

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"I was stuck in menopausal weight gain, and now I am a fat-burning woman, always in a ketogenic

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Section 1: Metabolic Mastery eBook Secrets

  • Secret #1: Scientific methods to lose weight easily so you can break through weight loss plateaus and achieve your weight loss goals quickly.
  • Secret #2: You will have an action plan which enables you to learn from a top, holistic nutritionist with 30+ years of success, which means you will have a plan you can trust.
  • Secret #3: A proven ketogenic (fat-burning) weight loss and health-improving game plan for your goals so you can know that your actions have helped thousands of women already ... the same pathway to success many other women have taken.
  • Secret #4: ​No pills, fads, or gimmicks, just real food you buy at the store to help you succeed, which makes weight loss easy for you to do. Which means you can easily surpass your weight loss goals fast.
  • Secret #5: Develop an unbeatable mindset that lets you meet and overcome weight loss or health challenges so you'll live an extraordinarily healthy and active life in all the areas that matter, including family, travel, finances, adventures, and goals.
  • Secret #6: ​You will discover exactly what to eat, how much, and when. No guessing games with food, just clear answers that are easy to follow so you can eat the best foods for your weight loss and health goals.
  • Secret #7: Your blood sugar will stabilize, and your sugar and carbohydrate cravings will reduce, which means you will feel more satisfied with food easier and crave sugar less.
  • Secret #8: By learning this simple program, you will learn how to burn fat easily... reduced body fat means you will have a healthier, fit, and lean body...means more confidence in life.
  • Secret #9: Discover how to reduce insulin spikes which means your body will make less fat which means you will lose weight.
  • Secret #10: You will have more energy to accomplish more in life, which means You will enjoy more fun things and reach your life goals more quickly.

Section 2: Metabolic Mastery eBook Secrets

  • Secret #11: Everything you need for hormone balance in one place.
  • Secret #12: Make a step-by-step simple plan for you to to be healthy, fit and lean.
  • Secret #13: ​Helps you understand exactly how to get in great physical condition now... not later!
  • Secret #14: ​Makes it easy to balance your hormones naturally, even if you have struggled previously.
  • Secret #15: Answers the question "How can I lose weight and keep it off this time?" once and for all.
  • Secret #16: ​Reveals the answer every woman wants to know for "How can I get in great shape without living at the gym?"
  • Secret #17: Gives you real insight into answering the question "How can I balance my hormones naturally so I feel emotionally balanced?"
  • Secret #18: ​Unlock the secrets to break through weight loss plateaus so you don't get stuck again, faster and easier than you ever dreamed possible
  • Secret #19: It gives you the keys to losing weight and getting healthy, fit, and lean without the headaches and frustration.
  • Secret #20: Smash through the myth that your hormone swings are out of control permanently.

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"So Who is Alane?"

Hi, I am Alane Wincek, a holistic nutritionist, a newlywed, and a busy, working menopausal mom that loves life and yoga pants. 

I used this new fat-burning meal plan to lose 30 pounds in 12 weeks and have kept it off! Love it!

Did I always eat healthy? Nope! I grew up with sugar as my primary food group. I had fatigue, sugar cravings, hormone swings, blemishes, hair loss, weight gain, and blood sugar ups and downs. 

In 1990 I realized my life's work was to help improve women's lives through nutritional counseling and holistic health techniques. 

I returned to school and graduated with two certifications-one in holistic nutrition and the other in naturopathy.

I have seen thousands of women lose weight and feel and look more radiant, confident, and healthier. My program is called "Metabolic Mastery," and it works! It has been giving women insane results when nothing else has worked. Love it!

Alane Wincek | My Metabolic Awakening

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