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The Best Infrared Sauna for Health and Wellness!

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September 28, 2023

What Infrared Sauna is the Best?

best infrared saunaWooden infrared saunas may look nice, but the quality of the far infrared light generators is what truly affects your health. I tend to be very concerned when people purchase an expensive wooden home infrared sauna.

As an expert in holistic health, I can say that Relax brand is the best brand for infrared saunas. I've tried many traditional saunas with the wrong infrared rays, but this portable one is well-made and has many benefits.

Things I like about it

The price is great in comparison to the wooden saunas with built in speakers and lights.

The sauna rapidly reaches the desired temperature, eliminating the need for any waiting time.

The Relax portable infrared Sauna is superior to wooden saunas. It is more effective for increased blood flow, reducing high blood pressure, pain relief, and improving sleep.

Patients that do not sweat easily, or at all, are finally sweating, detoxing and healing.

Assembling the sauna is quite straightforward.

Many doctors have replaced their wooden saunas with the Relax saunas, because they see the many healing benefits.

It makes the liver work much more effectively and it’s making your whole lymphatic system work much more effectively.

It creates a level of sweating that allows you to get rid of those toxins. And when you get rid of those toxins, your body starts breathing.

The designers of the Relax Sauna's far infrared heaters intentionally avoided generating near infrared because it is harsh on the skin.

Things I do not like about it (or wish it was better)

It only fits 1 person at a time, it is not the same as 2 or 3 person saunas.

There is insufficient interior space to accommodate either music or lighting fixtures.

Both my spouse and I intend to utilize it simultaneously, potentially necessitating the purchase of an additional unit.

Is Far Infrared the Best in a Sauna?

best infrared saunaMany studies compare near infrared and far infrared. Researchers have found that far infrared offers the most health benefits, making it ideal for a great sauna experience. Far infrared protects skin, while near infrared may age skin and increase skin cancer risk. Near infrared can lead to free radicals in the sin which lowers antioxidants in your body.

The main difference between near and far infrared is the wavelength. Near infrared has a shorter wavelength and is more energetic. Water does not absorb near infrared as well as far infrared. And near infrared is closer to the ultraviolet spectrum which causes sunburns.

Water absorbs far infrared, making it much more effective at raising the body's temperature for use in heat therapy. The waves of energy penetrate deep into your tissues and stimulates water molecules. This vibration pushes out toxins stored in fat cells.

Other cheap, portable saunas that use carbon panels should not fool you. They cover your body with EMFs. However, they don't emit much far infrared and their frequency is not as pure as the Relax Sauna's.

In summary, for raising your temperature, sweating, and detoxing, the far infrared sauna is the best option.

Is the Infrared Sauna Better Than the Wood Sauna?

There are 2 main types of infrared saunas, wooden and portable. The wooden saunas look nice but esthetics does not mean it is best for our health. What matters most in a sauna is the far infrared generators. This is where the Relax portable sauna shines bright.

Most wooden saunas use ceramic heaters that are similar to a space heater. These only emit 40-60% infrared heat. Other wooden saunas emit EMF and only emit 40-60% far infrared, unlike those on the market that use carbon fiber panels.

The generators lacking clean far infrared output label wooden saunas as "full spectrum" or "near" infrared. This is very misleading when trying to purchase the best type of sauna for your health. The bottom line is that far infrared is the frequency your body absorbs the best.

Here are a few advantages of the Relax portable sauna which is superior to a wood sauna.

  • It heats in less than 30 seconds.
  • It is portable
  • It feels much better and appears to detox the body better and in half the time
  • You can use it with clothes on for a quick pain or stress relief session.
  • Every time you enter, you actively extend your head outward to prevent your hair from becoming messy.
  • It filters out non-infrared energy
  • Creates more free oxygen which makes your cells more productive and healthier.
  • You can chose one where you sit up in it or lie down.

What is the Healthiest Type of Sauna?

best infrared saunaWhen I think of the healthiest type of sauna I have to look at the heaters. The Relax sauna is the only one that uses ceramic semiconductor "chips" technology. The chips emit a specific frequency of far infrared in the 4.4 to 14.4 micron range. This is the best range of infrared for your body to absorb.

Relax infrared radiators produce the most and purest far infrared among all saunas, thanks to their advanced technology. It is also the lowest in EMFs than any other sauna. Wooden saunas or ones from overseas have panels all over which generates EMFs. The Relax sauna generates most of the energy by bouncing off the tent walls and hence no EMFs.

When buying a far infrared sauna, choose the healthiest one to avoid any negative impact on your well-being. The Relax sauna brand is the only choice for good health.


"The amazing thing is that even though one sits in high temperatures, it is extremely comfortable. It is uniquely compatible with our energy and easily absorbed by the human body. You can actually feel its healing properties while sitting in the sauna.

I have learned so much since using this sauna. I plan on purchasing another unit soon for a second location I am opening." / M.A. / Colorado

Be well

Alane Wincek, ND, CNC

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