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Metabolic Diet

Metabolic Diet...Personalized to Get You Results Fast!

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December 1, 2023

How Do I Start a Metabolic Diet?

When we start looking into doing a metabolic diet, we can feel overwhelming and confused. One diet says eat more fats, another says avoid fats, and another says avoid all carbs. The best way to start a metabolic diet is with learning all you can about your metabolism. Remember, there is no one size fits all program that works all the time, so personalizing is the best option. 

A personalized metabolic diet is the modern way to lose weight effectively and feel great throughout the process. Learning how your body burns calories for fuel and if there are any metabolic blocks is vital to you finally having long term success. 

metabolic dietHello, I'm Alane, a nutritionist who knows that everyone's metabolism is as unique as their fingerprints. Regular diets and low carb diets may work temporarily, but often don't meet your body's needs. They do not take into consideration how your body functions. As a result, you may feel upset and discouraged as your weight goes up and down.

I specialize in understanding my clients metabolism. This allows me to create a personalized metabolic diet plan that is right for you. The plan helps you lose weight while enjoying living a healthy lifestyle and avoiding illnesses like type 2 diabetes.

Why Personalization Matters

I understand that there is a certain amount of weight you want to lose. But know it is crucial to focus on how your body processes nutrients and energy. Your metabolism is like a personalized engine, influencing how efficiently you burn calories, utilize nutrients, and ultimately shed pounds.

Popular metabolic diets ignore how different factors like genetics, lifestyle, food intolerance, and health conditions impact your metabolic rate.

My personalized metabolic plan, is a method that uses advanced metabolic testing to understand your metabolic processing. This will help you burn more calories for fuel , balance blood sugar levels, and help stop weight gain fast.

I can create a personalized diet plan based on your body's metabolism and specific requirements. You no longer have to guess or use trial-and-error methods. Instead, you will receive a clear plan for success. This plan will assist you in achieving your weight loss goals while eating healthy food that is right for you.


What Foods Are in a Metabolic Diet?

metabolic dietThere are general foods which are part of a traditional metabolic diet. These foods speed up your metabolism overall. Some of them are lean meats, broccoli, chili peppers, low fat milk and lentils.

However, at my clinic we take foods that should be in your metabolic diet a step further. Let me explain.

Food intolerance testing can show which food group(s) are easiest for your metabolism to break down or to burn for fuel. Each person's food intolerance test is unique to them.

I have a hard time breaking down beef but I do fine with chicken and turkey. So my metabolic diet will consist of proteins from the foods I can easily breakdown. This will keep my metabolism working fast.

Eating the proteins that will keep your metabolism working fast is smart. Food testing also tells you which fats are good, vegetables, fruits, grains, starches, etc. If you test positive for fatty foods and do a ketogenic diet, it may slow your metabolism.

Each person's metabolic diet needs to be customized for this reason.

What is the Metabolic Rate Diet? 

Overall the traditional metabolic rate diet is when you eat foods to increase your metabolism. But this can differ from person to person which is why personalization is vital to your success.

Food intolerance testing is important for eating a diet that speeds up metabolism. But metabolism testing is also crucial to your success. When I run comprehensive metabolic testing on my clients I do not miss anything of importance regarding your metabolism.

For instance, if leptin is high, you are storing fat and each time you eat fat, you are slowing down your metabolic rate. When this is the case, you need protein and greens.

When insulin levels are high, it means that brown rice and other carbs turn into sugar and create more fat cells. In insulin resistance a diet high in healthy greens and lean proteins is vital. But which proteins and greens, depends on food intolerance results.

Sometimes I look at blood types for additional metabolic diet help. I am an A blood type so when I focus on a vegan friendly diet the weight comes off easier. And because of celiac, I eat gluten free which helps me burn even more fat for fuel. Someone that is an O blood type usually does well on a Paleo type diet.

The metabolic rate diet has several components if it is going to work right for you.

How Can I Speed Up My Metabolism to Lose Weight? 

Do these 5 things to help you speed up your metabolism to lose weight and keep it off.

  • Comprehensive metabolic testing to identify metabolic blocks slowing down your metabolism.
  • Learn through metabolic testing if you are storing fat and what your metabolism needs to speed up.
  • Food intolerance testing in the IGG and IGA immune pathways. This will tell you what foods to eat and avoid. Additionally, it will inform you about the food groups that are easier for you to metabolize.
  • Check for hormone imbalance in the saliva. Saliva tells you if you have "hormone overload" in your fat cells causing weight gain. It also tells you if cortisol is high which also causes fat storage.
  • If you are storing fat, check for environmental toxin overload. Toxins get stuck in fat cells and the best way to lose weight in this case is to detox first.
  • Want 1-1 help? No problem, order the tests. If the instructions I send you are not helpful, schedule a virtual appointment and we can talk. I am here to help you succeed.

Imagine tuning a diet plan finely to your body's metabolic intricacies. I use your metabolic test results to make a plan for you. It tells you what to eat and what supplements to take to boost your metabolism. Adjusting your weight loss plan even a small amount can make a world of difference

This holistic strategy equips you with the tools needed to maximize your weight loss journey.

As diet trends come and go, the one constant is the importance of understanding your body's unique requirements. Our personalized diet ensures lasting change by aligning your nutrition with your body's needs, giving you quick results. Say goodbye to generic plans and embark on a journey tailored exclusively for you.

Get ready to learn how to lose weight, increase calorie burning, and use personalized metabolic change to your advantage.

Are you ready to take charge of your weight loss journey in a truly personalized way?

Here's to a healthier, happier you!

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