Revitalize Your Health: Uncover the Power of a Home Metabolism Test.

home metabolism test

Home Metabolism Test: Revitalize Your Health 

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May 3, 2023

Welcome to my blog. It covers the many benefits of getting a home metabolism test for weight loss results and overall health.

A good metabolic test measures all necessary parts to help you burn calories quickly and lose weight. It also confirms that your body converts fat into energy properly.

If you're having trouble losing weight and need a comprehensive metabolic health test, you've come to the right spot. Many people contact my clinic seeking help after receiving a normal blood sample result.

My clients are smart and in tune with their body. They need someone to pay attention, believe them, and show them answers.

Unfortunately most traditional or local metabolic labs are just not through enough.

Hello, I'm Alane, a nutritionist with 30+ years of experience in health, metabolism, and wellness. I have a clinic in Atlanta, Ga, and I work virtually, too, so I can help you anywhere you live. I put together a group of tests to help people understand why they have a slowed metabolism.

Moreover, I offer an advantageous bonus as part of my services. I personally review each test result and create a personalized protocol tailored specifically for you.


home metabolism test

Here is a Comprehensive List of Vital Elements That We Test For. 

The blood test part of our home metabolism test kit is easy to do. We will find you a facility near you to perform the blood draw. There may be a small fee for their service.

Here is an essential detail I'd like you to think about regarding to your thyroid health. When you look at your TSH levels, they need to be 1.0 - 2.0, which is the functional medicine standard. The issue is with traditional medicine and their need for a TSH level of 4.5 to diagnose hypothyroidism.

What occurs to frustrated individuals who cannot shed pounds and possess a TSH of 2.5, 3.2, or 4.0? They are most likely told to eat fewer calories and exercise more.

Your thyroid must function properly for normal cholesterol levels and a healthy metabolism that supports you instead of working against you.

You need to test thyroid levels in the blood, not the saliva, and not a finger prick.

Our Home Metabolism Test Also Includes:

  • Blood sugar, Hemoglobin A1C, Fasting Insulin
  • Leptin resistance which tells if your body is holding onto fat instead of releasing it.
  • Non alcoholic fatty liver - to tell you if fat is accumulating in your liver causing weight gain.
  • Inflammation indicators like c-reactive protein and homocysteine can show if your body has inflammation.
  • Fat Burning vitamin levels
  • Energy producing vitamin levels
  • Thorough cardio health markers

No worries: remember all test results come with a free personalized protocol so you know exactly what to do.

Saliva Hormone Tests and Cortisol for Hormonal Imbalance

Hormones are chemicals in your body that control metabolism, sleep, stress, sex, and mood.

All of the hormones in your body work together and can affect each other.

Why Saliva and not blood for hormones? The hormones that are readily accessible and active in your body are in your saliva. Blood tests are not able to tell the difference between the protein-bound (inactive) and the freely available or active hormones

Progesterone Example: Progesterone is a hormone produced in your ovaries. The majority of progesterone is bound to proteins, limiting its usability by the body.

A saliva test accurately measures progesterone availability by cells, giving a more precise result.

Progesterone measured in the blood does not accurately reflect the amount that the body can effectively use.

Estrogen and Progesterone need to be in balance: Estrogen levels dictate how much progesterone you need. If the ratio of estrogens and progesterone is high, you suffer from a so called estrogen dominance. Excess estrogen can cause hormones to become trapped in fat cells, resulting in weight gain.

High testosterone levels coupled with low levels of female sex hormones (estrogen and progesterone) are frequently observed in overweight women.

Cortisol tends to go up, along with our stress, when our hormones are low. High cortisol leads to increased appetite, trouble sleeping, anxiety, and weight gain.


Food Intolerance and Weight Gain

home metabolism test

I love parsnips, but they make me feel and look like I gained 10 pounds overnight! Parsnips are healthy, right? They are for most people, but not for me.

Spinach, apples, carrots, onions, and garlic can cause inflammation in your body if you have an IgG food intolerance. And the same foods an cause an upset stomach, gas or bloating if you have an IgA response to the food.

That's why I include an IgG / IgA food intolerance test kit in my metabolic testing at home program. It helps identify if certain foods are preventing weight loss.

My almond gal client: This client came into see me and had a very healthy diet. She consumed a lot of lean proteins, leafy vegetables, and berries as part of her diet. Her snacks consisted of almonds, sunflower seeds, or raisins. Her metabolic labs were terrific, except the food intolerance part.

To her surprise, almonds were toxic for her and she was eating them everyday. Simply by eliminating almonds from her diet, she experienced rapid weight loss. Why? Almonds were causing a sluggish metabolism and inflammation.

Gluten Needs to Be Part of Your  Home Metabolism Test Kit Plan.

You may say you do not need a gluten test because wheat does not upset your stomach. Celiac is a medical condition where people who eat gluten get various GI symptoms pretty fast.

A gluten intolerance is different from Celiac. The symptoms can be gut-related but include pain, inflammation, brain fog, hair loss, skin rashes, and weight gain.

Traditional testing only tests for Celiac only looks at one gluten component called gliadin.

Comprehensive gluten testing for a true gluten intolerance will look at all the gluten components, and there are many. Plus, it will look at two immune pathways IgG and IgA, not just IgA, which indicates Celiac.

Only relying on a traditional Celiac test can cause many adverse symptoms, including autoimmunity.


Are Toxins Trapped in Your Fat Cells?

home metabolism test

Many chemicals in our environment affect weight gain. Chemicals from childhood, teenage years, and even a few months ago can affect you and your metabolic health now.

Certain items like cleaning products, pesticides, fertilizers, plastics, and car fumes can affect women's metabolism, causing weight gain.

When your body has toxins, it makes more fat to protect your organs from them. And this leads to the inability to lose weight.




Home Metabolism Test Kits: Empower Your Weight Loss Journey

Are you ready to break free from the frustrations and obstacles hindering your weight loss progress? With our convenient metabolic testing at home, you hold the key to unlocking your true weight loss potential.

Take charge of your weight loss journey by ordering your personalized metabolic testing program today. Empower yourself with the knowledge and tools to make informed decisions, implement effective strategies, and achieve sustainable weight loss. Don't let another day go by without tapping into the transformative power of metabolic testing at home.

Your path to weight loss success awaits!


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