Please Tell Me Why am I Not Losing Weight!

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Please Tell Me: Why am I Not Losing Weight? 

Alane Wincek, ND, CNC
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August 9, 2023

Have you ever wondered, "Why can't I lose weight even though I exercise?"

Many people wonder about the answer to this question when trying to lose weight, and it varies depending on the person.


I'm a health detective who helps people like you understand their bodies and solve health and weight loss mysteries. I have been assisting individuals struggling with their weight loss efforts for over 30 years. As a holistic nutritionist I help people find the perfect weight loss strategy for long term success.

I am passionate about understanding why people are gaining weight even though they have a healthy diet and exercise routine. Traditional labs often miss a number of metabolic issues that lead to weight gain.

I've faced my own gaining weight struggles. In my 30s, I got plenty of physical exercise, and ate well, but still wondered why am I not losing weight.

Just like you, someone advised me to cut my calorie intake, which left me feeling fatigued and frustrated. I had to get real with my own metabolic health and I did!

First, I ran extremely comprehensive metabolic labs that actually showed me what was wrong! The number of calories I was eating had nothing to do with me gaining weight.

I opted for a saliva hormone test instead of a blood test. To my surprise, the results showed high hormone levels in my saliva, tissues, and fat cells!

Then I did the most comprehensive food intolerance test that I have ever done. I even tested for gluten intolerance. I tried to keep a food journal at first to get food reaction answers, but it wasn't good enough information. The food test showed me exactly what to eat and not eat to have success with my weight loss efforts.

I dropped 30 pounds in 12 weeks and have kept it off. Next I created a program called, "Metabolic Mastery" and the women that are doing it are having terrific success.

Dropping weight and keeping it off. WHY? Because they know what is wrong, and what to do now.

I even give you a free protocol so you know exactly what to do. No guessing games, no cookie cutter program. This is personalized for your weight loss success.

Why Am I not losing weight? Let's find out and fix it!

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