What is the Best Vagus Nerve Stimulation Device?

vagus nerve stimulator device

What is the Best Vagus Nerve Stimlation Device? 

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September 18, 2023

What is the Best Vagus Nerve Stimulation Device? 

nerve stimulation device

As someone who has successfully recovered from Lyme disease and specializes in holistic nutrition, I am passionate about finding drug-free solutions for pain relief. My journey to reduce pain levels, both personally and for my patients, has led me to explore a wide range of options. Among these are electrical stimulation, biofeedback treatments, experimental medications from clinical trials, and various forms of electrical impulses like TENS therapy. Unfortunately, none of these approaches seemed to provide substantial relief or address the underlying nervous system imbalances.

The best vagus nerve stimulation device is the Rezzimax Turner Pro. If you are reading this chances are, you have pain and have read about vns therapy. The Rezzimax Tuner Pro helps people reduce pain, inflammation, anxiety, and be more active in life. I have also seen it improve treatment resistant depression and a reduction in seizure activity.

As a Lyme survivor I have used plenty of devices, chiropractic, massage, herbals and pills to help me feel better. I was excited to try this device. It's different from a pill. It is a vagus nerve stimulation device that works.

What is the Best Vagus Nerve Stimulation?

Of course there are other ways you can provide extra stimulation to your vagus nerve without using a device.  You can try humming or singing or listening to calm, soothing music. Those sounds and vibrations may stimulate your vagus nerve too.

Ever have a long day and you come home and hide in a quiet room and turn on some calming music? That is stimulating your vagus nerve! My oldest son would come home after work and take a shower and sick opera. He was also stimulating his vagus nerve.

Ever meet a young child that hums all the time? They are pretty smart as they too are stimulating their vagus nerve.

The vagus nerve carries signals to your brain, heart, lungs and digestive system. It’s the longest cranial nerve in your body, running from your brain all the way to your large intestine.

Your vagus nerve helps control things like heart rate, speech, mood, and urine output that happen automatically in your body. It helps your body switch between being alert and calm, so you can be more relaxed.

Your vagus nerve may not be able to switch back to your parasympathetic mode because of stress or age. Vagal dysfunction can lead to high blood pressure, heart disease, Type 2 diabetes, depressive symptoms, and anxiety.

What is the best no-invasive vagus nerve stimulation device?

vagus nerve stimulation device

Researchers have conducted extensive research to adjust the Rezzimax Tuner Pro to specific frequencies that balance the human body. These frequencies stimulate the vagus nerve, connecting and balancing the entire body, from nerves to organs to the brain. You are awakening the body and stimulating it to heal.

Use your Rezzimax Tuner three to five minutes a day for a minimum of six weeks and you will see changes. If you use it more often, you will most likely see results more quickly.

Here are some ways to use the Rezzimax.

  • When you are working at the computer and your neck or back tightens up.
  • When you are sitting in your car and the traffic is stressing you.
  • When you need to fall asleep but your mind is racing or your head is aching.
  • When the neighbors dog is barking all day and you need to unwind.
  • Before you go for a walk to reduce your back or leg pain.

Is there a machine that stimulates the vagus nerve?

vagus nerve stimulation device

The Rezzimax Turner Pro is an exceptional device designed to effectively stimulate the vagus nerve, offering potential relief from persistent pain. If you've been searching for a solution to activate your vagus nerve and alleviate daily discomfort, you're not alone. Many individuals have experimented with various methods to address their pain, often with limited success. Utilizing vibrational frequencies and targeted pressure points to harmonize the body and provide relief from chronic pain simply makes logical sense.

Our vibrational frequency plays a pivotal role in our well-being. The human body naturally operates within an optimal vibrational range. When your vibrational frequency dips below this ideal threshold, it can trigger the onset of illness. If the frequency continues to decline, it can lead to further health complications, painting a challenging picture for overall well-being.

Imagine the possibility of effortlessly replenishing our energy when we're under the weather. The Rezzimax offers the nearest experience to achieving that revitalizing effect.

Do External Vagus Nerve Stimlators Work?

The Tuner Pro is precisely attuned to match the healthy vibration levels of your vagus nerve. The vagus nerve, which is the longest of the 12 cranial nerves, extends throughout the body. It helps control automatic functions like heart rate, digestion, and blood pressure, without us having to think about them.

Nerves operate by transmitting electrical signals to different parts of the body, initiating specific actions. When these nerves do not function properly, they can transmit incorrect or weak signals to their intended destinations. This confusion in signal transmission often results in chronic pain for the individual.

Using the Rezzimax Tuner on certain pressure points, like those linked to the vagus nerve, can calm the nerve. This helps reset it to the correct vibrational frequency, ultimately providing relief from pain.

I care about you and your pain level and so does the inventor of this vagus nerve stimulation device.


When purchasing the Rezzimax Turner, it includes the device, a case, a blue pillow, and a belt for home use. I use the belt for walking and gardening, and there's a guide to help you use it effectively.

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