What Does a Vagus Nerve Stimulator Do?

vagus nerve stimulator

What Does a Vagus Nerve Stimulator Do? 

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September 18, 2023

What Does a Vagus Nerve Stimulator Do? 

vagus nerve stimulatorA device called a vagus nerve stimulator helps the body relax, digest, process information and heal by stimulating the vagus nerve. Join me as I delve into the ways the body relaxes. I will explore massage, resonance, frequency, and my beloved tool, the Rezzimax Tuner Pro II.

Greetings, I am Alane Wincek, a holistic nutritionist, naturopath and metabolic expert. As a 60 year old woman I do understand how stress, life and heath challenges effect us. I've fought Lyme disease for 30 years and know the advantages of a good vagus nerve stimulator.

Let’s begin this vagus nerve journey with understanding your body's main communicator, the nervous system.

Your nervous system sends messages to and from the brain, heart, and body using electrical signals or frequencies constantly. This process allows your body to go through its daily tasks almost flawlessly. But what happens when the signals overload the nervous system? Here is where a vagus nerve stimulator can come into play.

Who Needs a Vagus Nerve Stimulator?

Vagus Nerve StimulatorA vagus nerve stimulator can assist individuals who feel overwhelmed by the demands of daily life. This can include busy schedules, decision-making, caregiving responsibilities, or health issues.

This can contribute to tension, migraines, mood swings, fatigue, anxiety, panic attacks, pain and more. The body adjusts to the excess signals from the nervous system to assist you in getting through the day. You may feel like you are not thriving in life, just hustling through it.





When Should You do Vagus Nerve Stimulation?

If you have any symptoms or feel your nervous system is not working properly, you should try vagus nerve stimulation. It's a good time to give it a try.

Using different vibration frequencies and release techniques can help heal the human nervous system quickly.

You can fix damaged pathways in your body by improving nerve function and increasing blood flow to problem areas. These damaged pathways have been stopping you from fully recovering.

Basically you should do vagus nerve stimulation when you need to unwind your nervous system. As you do this, your body will adapt, start functional calmer and you will feel healthier.

What is the Tool for Vagus Nerve Stimulation?

Vagus Nerve StimulatorI use the Rezzimax Turner Pro, an FDA registered medical device, to stimulate the vagus nerve in my patients and myself.

This tool was created to balance and connect the body. It does so by resonating specific frequencies. It works from head to toe and from right to left.

Additionally, it connects the nerves to the organs throughout the entire body. It connects to and balances both sides of the brain simultaneously.

The Rezzimax Tuner PRO activates the vagus nerve, which is important for the body's pain and stress response. This can help improve blood flow, reduce inflammation, and promote relaxation, which can reduce pain levels.

The device is perfectly balanced to match the resonance levels of a healthy vagus nerve. By applying the Tuner to various points on the body associated with the vagus nerve, you calm it. The vibration resets the nerve to the peace and calm setting and turns off the fight or flight setting. 

Are you ready to turn off some fight or flight patterns and activate your vagus nerve? Great! Here is how to use it for amazing benefits.

How Do You Use the Vagus Nerve Stimulation Device?

Vagus Nerve Activation and Full Body relaxation

You can lie down or sit comfortably. Choose a tuner setting and vibration.

For relaxation, select white or blue. For stimulation, select green or red. I tend to avoid red and start with blue or white.

Place the Tuner Pro II under your neck. Position it at the base of the occipital ridge.

  • Use humming or breath-work to stimulate the vagus nerve.
  • Lay or sit for between 5-30 minutes or until ready to release the position.
  • Repeat as needed for relaxation, tension release in the head, neck, and shoulders, or Trauma release.

TMJ Muscle Tension Release

Vagus Nerve StimulatorThe temporomandibular joint or TMJ helps with many daily activities including chewing and talking. Tension in the TMJ can contribute to headaches, neck pain, and feelings of stress, anxiety, or worry.

  • Set the tuner to your favorite setting, (we recommend starting with green for this exercise)
  • Place the tongs (covered with a new plastic glove) inside the mouth, flush with the cheeks outside the jaw bone.
  • Rest the tip of the tongs at the back of the mouth, where the jaw hinges to open or close. Slowly open and close the mouth, or move the Rezzimax up and down while humming for one cycle.
  • Repeat procedure on the inside of the jaw bone. Remove the glove and place tongs on the outer joint of the jaw and repeat the inner jaw procedure outside.



Full Body sweep with the Tuner

This procedure allows the entire body to relax and reset and can be done on yourself, or with a friend.

  • Placing the Rezzimax Tuner Pro on either green or white setting, use the wings to gently scrape, starting at the neck and moving down the inner arm to the tips of the fingers
  • Slowly make your way back up the outer arm to the neck. Once there, repeat on the other side. Once both sides are completed, lay the Rezzimax Tuner Pro II flat on the forehead and run the Rezzimax from the base of the head to the tailbone. 
  • Run the Rezzimax down the back of one leg and up the front. Repeat along the other leg. 
  • Take the Rezzimax in a flat position and run up one side to the armpit, down the center of the front of the body, and up the other side to the armpit. 
  • End with the Rezzimax on the chest, tip or tongs resting at the collar bone.
  •  Remember to hum through this full body resonance experience.
  • For double the relaxation, place one Rezzimax Tuner at the head or underneath the neck at the occipital bone and one either between the feet or on the soles of both feet, close your eyes and hum, allowing the body to relax and float in the healing resonance of the Rezzimax Tuner Pro II.






When purchasing the Rezzimax Turner, it includes the device, a case, a blue pillow, and a belt for home use. I use the belt for walking and gardening, and there's a guide to help you use it effectively.

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