Demystifying What is Metabolic Testing: Unveiling the Power Behind Your Body’s Metabolism

what is metabolic testing

What is Metabolic Testing? 

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July 14, 2023

Unveiling the Power of Metabolic Testing: What is Metabolic Testing and How Can It Help You?

If you're frustrated with the lack of progress in your weight loss journey, it's time to uncover the hidden factors hindering your success. With our specialized metabolic testing program, we leave no stone unturned in unraveling the complexities of your metabolism.

As a seasoned holistic nutritionist with over 30 years of experience, I have crafted a comprehensive approach to metabolic testing explicitly tailored for women like you.

Countless clients have entrusted their weight loss journeys to us, sharing stories of previous disappointments and a need for a comprehensive understanding of their unique metabolic intricacies. At last, they find solace in our approach, where their suspicions about underlying metabolic issues are acknowledged and actively investigated.

Metabolic testing is the key to unraveling the complexities of your metabolism and can transform your weight loss experience. Our specialized program delves deep into understanding your body's metabolic intricacies, leaving no stone unturned. By addressing the root causes of weight loss challenges, we provide personalized solutions that cater to your specific needs.

Gone are the days of feeling misunderstood or overlooked. With our expertise in metabolic testing, we empower you to embrace a new level of understanding and take control of your weight loss journey. Trust in our comprehensive approach as we unlock the secrets of your metabolism, helping you achieve the lasting results you've been searching for.

Begin With Comprehensive Metabolic Blood Work 

To begin, we look at Thyroid-Stimulating Hormone TSH. (TSH) test measures the amount of TSH in the blood. TSH levels show how well your overall thyroid is functioning.

For optimal weight loss, TSH should be between 1.0. and 2.0. The problem is that traditional medicine considers anything under 4.5 normal.

Comprehensive metabolic testing includes Free T3 which is best around a 3.2. Free T3 is vital for optimal thyroid functioning.

There is a terrific book titled "Why Do I Have Thyroid Symptoms and My Labs Are Normal." This book discusses the significance of testing for thyroid antibodies. If thyroid antibodies are positive it indicates autoimmunity against the thyroid. A grain free diet would be helpful when this shows up.

Our metabolic test in the blood also examines other vital aspects.

  • Our metabolism test measure for fatty liver will show you if your liver is the problem. It may be storing fat instead of allowing it to burn for fuel.
  • Our test checks the amount of oxygen in your cells which indicates if you have good energy, vitality, and health. if you are running on a treadmill it helps if your red blood cells are transporting oxygen optimally.
  • Inflammation levels like homocysteine and c-reactive protein significantly affect metabolic health.
  • We check your levels of vitamins like B12 and folate, which help your body burn fat efficiently.

Note: most home metabolism tests will not cover all the items we do.

Saliva Hormone and Cortisol Testing

what is metabolic testing

Our metabolic assessments for weight reduction encompass extensive hormone and cortisol tests using saliva. This vital stage aids in establishing if weight loss is feasible for you.

Saliva tests reveal whether hormones are trapped in fat cells, providing insights into the obstacles that impede weight loss. The results of my first saliva hormone test shocked me. All of my hormones were high. When I took some supplements and adjusted my diet to fix the problem, the weight came off.

Also, low saliva hormone levels can contribute to high cortisol levels, creating problems. Elevated cortisol can increase your appetite, cause unwanted weight gain, anxiety, insomnia and slow your metabolism.

By analyzing saliva hormone and cortisol levels, we offer a focused approach to address hormonal imbalances that hinder weight loss progress.

This info helps you make smart choices and use strategies to improve hormone levels and lose weight effectively.

Food Intolerance Cause Weight Gain 

We use Food intolerance testing to find hidden food culprits that may be sabotaging your efforts. For me, I have to avoid apples, carrots, parsnips any food that has fat content or I will gain weight rapidly.

After receiving your food intolerance test results, you can adjust your diet by eliminating foods that cause inflammation and weight gain.

Why our food intolerance test and not another?

Our test looks at around 180 foods and in two immune pathways, not just one. It looks at IgG which shows you about inflammation and weight gain. It also looks at IgA which tells you which foods are negatively affecting your gut health.

Gluten Intolerance Testing for a Faster Metabolism 

what is metabolic testing

In my comprehensive testing approach, I also prioritize evaluating gluten intolerance. Many people have trouble digesting and absorbing the protein gluten. If you have a gluten intolerance and you keep eating gluten, one result can be weight gain.

I also find that many of my gluten intolerant clients also have intolerance to the proteins in all grains. To achieve long-term weight loss, often, a diet free from all grains, not just gluten, is necessary. People know this as a Paleo Diet or Grain Free diet.

Our gluten intolerance test is extremely comprehensive, unlike traditional labs. It tests for ALL of the gluten components, not just 2 or 3 and in both immune pathways, IgG and IgA. For example testing positive for gluteomorphine can mean you feel like you are addicted to the gluten protein in bread. Prodynorphin indicates the gluten can be causing pain in your body.

A gluten-free diet provides various benefits, including better digestion, reduced inflammation, relief from gut issues, improved nutrient absorption, increased energy, healthier skin, enhanced cognitive health, and more.

The Importance of Environmental Toxin Testing for Fat Cell Toxicity

what is metabolic testing

In general, toxins from the environment we live and work in can cause weight gain. This happens because our bodies respond to toxins by creating fat cells to block the toxins from affecting your health.

By encasing toxins into fat cells, your body is protecting you from toxins going to your major organs.

When you follow effective methods to safely detox your body and eliminate toxins, it can result in weight loss.


Take advantage of this opportunity to finally achieve your weight loss goals without frustrations and disappointments.

Join me on this transformative journey and regain control of your body and well-being.

Order your personalized metabolic testing program today and unlock the secret to sustainable weight loss, exclusively designed for women like you.



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