Why Can’t I Lose Belly Fat? Let’s Figure it Out Together & Get You Results, Fast

why can't I lose belly fat?

Why Can't I Lose Belly Fat? Let's Figure it Out and Get You the Results You Want

Alane Stieglitz-Wincek
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May 23, 2023 

Butterflies symbolize change, hope and transformation 

Why cant I lose belly fat even though I exercise a question I hear every day. And the answer is unique for each individual. That is where I come in; my clinic calls me a health and wellness detective. I figure things out for people and put them on the right plan so they finally get the results they want and need for a better, healthier, longer, and more active life.

If you have watched some of my other videos or read other blogs I have written, you will come to know me as the holistic nutritionist that is hot for understanding your metabolism. I struggled for years when I was in my 30s and wondered the same thing you are; why can't I lose belly fat, even though I exercise at the gym every day? And hired a trainer - it wasn't his fault! It was my metabolism's fault. My metabolism was never checked well enough, so I had no idea the right way to support my health and weight loss journey so the weight would come off and stay off. Like many of you, I was told to lower my calorie intake, but I would not be able to function by eating any less than I was already. And that was not the answer.

I have a local practice in Atlanta, Ga, where I see people in person, and I work virtually to help people anywhere they live to figure out that nagging question, why cant I lose belly fat even though I exercise? I have over 30 years of experience helping people lose weight, recover from all sorts of health challenges, and understand their metabolic health.

That is why my program, called metabolic mastery, is unique. It is individualized, so you fully understand what your body needs to lose belly fat and keep it off, whether you exercise or not. Let me explain the process.

Step 1: Functional Metabolic Labs: When you click on the yellow link to order my program, you will see there are nutritional or "functional" labs to be done. The first part is complete the metabolic blood work; yes, I know you are sitting there saying you have had bloodwork done before and your labs are normal. With all respect, I hear that all the time. I am here to tell you that they are most likely not normal, something is not being run, or something is missing or even borderline. 

For example, when we look at the thyroid in functional nutrition, we look at TSH (stimulating thyroid hormone) and Free levels of T3 and T4. And the levels for all of these are different for functional nutrition than in the traditional medical world. For example, TSH in my world should be 1.0 for your thyroid to work right. But in the conventional world, TSH should be under 4.5. That is a huge difference. So what happens to all the frustrated people walking around wondering why I can't lose belly fat even though I exercise, and the problem is their thyroid? They get even more frustrated and keep gaining more weight. 

Other vital things I look at in metabolic labs are items that hinder your ability to break down fat, like your liver, certain vitamin deficiencies, detox ability, inflammation markers, and fat storage markers. 

The other lab I run is saliva hormones and cortisol. Because if your hormones are not showing up at healthy levels in the tissues, cortisol (that nasty belly fat hormone) will be high, and you cannot see that in blood work, only in the saliva. 

So the first step in understanding why cant I lose belly fat even though I exercise is to get complete metabolic labs done, so you finally get answers and a clear plan to success. Each lab test result has a personalized protocol to guide you to success. 

Step 2 Has to Do With Knowing About Food: Food is one of the keys to losing belly fat. But the good news is no counting calories, dieting, or skipping meals unless you want to. And you will use everyday food you find at any local grocery store. And no one goes hungry. Many people do not know how to eat. For example, I eat 80 grams or more of protein daily because if I do not, I will have more belly fat. My program reviews the details on how much protein to eat, when, and why. Plus, I check net carbs, fat, sugar, alcohol, water, and more. It is simple once you understand the eat to lose belly fat plan. And yes, you use everyday food you buy locally in your grocery store—no fancy food, just real food that is delicious and fat-belly fat burning

I will give you one hint: fat is fat, and protein is protein. Too often, I see people eating a high-fat diet and being protein deficient. Don't be confused with good fat, yes, there is good fat and bad fat, but it is fat, not protein. 

Have I been through this? Yes. When I hit menopause, my belly grew, and I was unhappy. I, too, had to run labs on myself to find out what had changed and adjust my diet, and the belly fat and the weight came off in only a few weeks. 

Step 3: is the word ketosis, and no, I do not mean a high-fat diet. I mean learning to eat regular food that will keep you in a ketogenic (fat-burning) state. I never put people on a high-fat diet, but I teach them how to eat to stay burning belly fat, even while sleeping. 

The 4th way to lose belly fat in a month is to drink ketones. I love ketones- but only one brand. I drink a specific brand of ketones every morning when I wake up instead of coffee. Ketones can give you the ability to lose belly fat faster, and yes, in a month, and keeps you in a fat-burning state longer. Other health benefits are:

  • Better mental clarity.
  • Stronger hair and nails.
  • A more robust immune system.
  • Looking and feeling younger.
  • The ability to be more active in life. 

Drinking ketones help you burn fat for energy. We could all use more energy. 

And friends, drinking ketones has nothing to do with eating fat, so you can eat regular food and drink ketones for great results. If you want to drop a few pounds, consuming them one time a day should be fine, but most of my clients drink them twice a day and see the fastest loss regarding belly fat. 

Here is a link to my favorite ketone product. I use the NAT / Charged in the morning and either the same one or the decaf mid-afternoon. 


The name of my program is metabolic mastery - because understanding why can't I lose belly fat even though I exercise has to do with mastering your metabolism. Hence, you finally have the results you want. I created this program so people had the tools they needed, on their own time, not during an appointment, to learn, test, gain knowledge, and put it into use. People are busy, and not everyone can make appointments week in and week out with me. And some people like to study at 11 pm when things are super quiet in the house, or while they are sitting in traffic, or getting up early to get ready for work. 

Can I figure out once and for good the answer to your question...why cant I lose belly fat even though I exercise? Of course!

I do not struggle to get the weight off anyone. 

Ready to learn why you are struggling? Ready to stop struggling and go on the right plan for YOU and YOUR metabolism? Great! 


Click on the yellow link and order the program and let's celebrate your success.

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